G&J kartway is open 7 days a week for open practice from 9:00am until 6pm. Unless there is a race or event scheduled on those dates or near to those dates. For example if there is a kart race scheduled for Sunday karters will be practicing on Friday and Saturday bikers will be limited or not be able to use the track and vise versa. We also sell Sunoco 110 unleaded and 90 plus none Ethonal fuel only on Summer week ends and race days.

Practice is 10$ a kart at 5$ per extra driver please pay at the trucking office.

New Practice price goes in effect April 1, 2023 20$ a kart 10$ per extra driver. Please pay at the trucking office before you head down to practice and to sign your waiver. Collected in pits $30.

Track rules no go karts or motor bikes on the track at the same time no exceptions. Furthermore every 15 minutes of every hour is reserved for kid karters and kid kart motors only if they are present. In addition please keep in mind the track configurations and limitations of the track with regard to other people on the track at the same time. For example you can run all track configurations you want on open practice days just make sure every one else is on the same page or the only one on the track.

Other racing series and organizations that hold events at G&J kartway will be renting out the track this also includes pit spots. Therefore all people that have trailers campers/RV’s will be expected to move them prior to the event unless you have made plans to race with that series. If your trailer and other belongings are not moved in a timely manner prior to a non OVKA event they will be moved by the property owner and will not be held responsible for lost and or damaged items while doing so. In addition people with reserved pits spots with OVKA will only apply to events held by OVKA.

OVKA reserved pit spots that are on the blacktop please move after end of race day to make room on practice days.

Trailers and RV’s that are parked for a long period of time during the Race season are responsible for keeping up with grass trimming around your pit spots. Arrangements can be made at an additional cost for trimming your pits please refer to the contact page if you wish to have someone on staff maintain your pit spot.

Trailers and RV’s need to be moved after the race season is over, arrangements can be made for Winter storage at a designated area please contact Gary Gregg for storage fees.

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